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All systems go!  We have liftoff!

Greetings Earthlings!  The crew, here at Geordy's Rocketry, is an all science, sci-fi & space loving group of sentient beings who have “orb-hit” the stardust running to bring you some of the coolest aerospace industry inspired products, from 3D printed rockets, kits of all kinds to space helmets and so much more!

Perfect for movie to music production needs, cosplay events or your own out of this world collection!
Navigate through our cosmos of inventory and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to have custom 3D printed or created as well!  Let us bring your nebulous imagination to life!

While we expand the trajectory of our products at the intergalactic design lab,
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Helping to bring the trajectory of stellar interplanetary products & services into the  s p a c e  they deserve!


With 'CAUSEmic', the charitable satellite in our orbit, we wish to give back to the planet and its inhabitants in a cosmos of philanthropic ways. 


Lunar Craters


We envision limitless abilities to

explore creativity & offer support for other lifeforms on Earth and beyond!

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